About Us

In the fashion world, challenge of the company LEOMAR GROUP is to live in the world dedicated to women and to influence the creation of styles for women and men.

LEOMAR GROUP Ltd is a company established in Skopje in 2014. The main activity of the company is the import and sale of tights and socks, as well as import and sale of women's and men's underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. We try to focus our experience and dedication towards bringing products closer to the consumers and fully enjoy the products offered.

At the beginning of our work, portfolio of LEOMAR GROUP consisted of products of Polish brand Fiore, which by its design and functionality offer a huge selection of tights and socks designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding ladies. Research and use the best yarns are the basis to ensure maximum comfort for women by highlighting their femininity. Socks and tights of Fiore offer unique style and design.

Then, we enlarge our product portfolio with products of the Serbian brand Bonatti. The models of underwear, pajamas and swimwear of the brand Bonatti combine glamor with modern functionality of the models according to the latest trends and colors, offering excellent quality and competitive price.

The philosophy of the company LEOMAR GROUP is never to be satisfied with the current sales, but continually to revise and upgrade sales portfolio and to analyze your ideas without limits.


  • Bonatti bras are my gentle shell - they make me confident each time.

  • Fiore tights are my second skin ...

    C. Petkovska
  • Fiore pantyhose are as a lullaby for my feet.

    Radmila M.
  • Usually I snap because of the problems at work, but my Fiore pantyhose never snap.

    Silvija N.


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